Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Works on Paper

In the Presence of Being
My personal history with enamel paint goes way back to my youth. It was the type of paint that I used on my model airplanes as a child. I never thought that it would play such a role in my life as an artist. In fact, it was a chance application of enamel paint on paper in 1999 that began an investigation into a reductive approach to mark making. I am captivated by the distinctive viscosity and richness of enamel paint against the smooth translucent vellum. When the vellum is folded, a whole new dimension is added. The economy of value in a single hue can be exponentially compounded when viewed through the front middle and back of a sheet of paper. In the end, paper and pigment give way to the beauty of light and space as I retain a pure material and physical presence that is unmistakably the artist intent.

The Eloquent Gift Said One
In the Face of Light
In the Presence of Being


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