Thursday, March 17, 2005


6 great iPhotos6 great iPhotosGilbert Flores is an artist that lives and works in the New York City area. Originally born in Los Angeles, California, Gilbert moved to New York after graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He resides in the great city of Brooklyn and has a studio in Spanish Harlem. For Gilbert, Spanish Harlem is one of the few remaining outpost in New York that has not been completely gentrified. His studio is a open space on top of a four story walk up that looks out onto a busy urban street teaming with people. "It is one of those places where one can not help but be completely aware of his surroundings, whether it be the noise from the streets that comes blasting in, the blistering heat of the day or the cold chill of winter; it is a exciting place to make work". Along with his studio, Gilbert finds inspiration in the city with all its decay in infrastructure, overcrowding, graffiti covered walls and frenetic energy. All of these influences become subtle elements that are channeled into his work.

Painting in Process

Painting and Light
Momentary Pause

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


“The work is about a material and physical presence."

It is a representation of the single-minded intent and power of the artist hand that seeks to evoke and transcend using simple materials. For me, this work is a return to basics. It is an exploration of limitations set by given parameters and fundamental elements within design to express the deeper aspect of the human condition.

All images below are Enamel on Canvas: they are a few samples of work to be on view March 30th at the KBF Exhibition.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Works on Paper

In the Presence of Being
My personal history with enamel paint goes way back to my youth. It was the type of paint that I used on my model airplanes as a child. I never thought that it would play such a role in my life as an artist. In fact, it was a chance application of enamel paint on paper in 1999 that began an investigation into a reductive approach to mark making. I am captivated by the distinctive viscosity and richness of enamel paint against the smooth translucent vellum. When the vellum is folded, a whole new dimension is added. The economy of value in a single hue can be exponentially compounded when viewed through the front middle and back of a sheet of paper. In the end, paper and pigment give way to the beauty of light and space as I retain a pure material and physical presence that is unmistakably the artist intent.

The Eloquent Gift Said One
In the Face of Light
In the Presence of Being